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On your 3rd Birthday…
A Letter to My Son

Three years ago today, I sat in the labor and delivery room assigned to me on the 11th floor at Roosevelt Hospital watching tennis. As Andy Roddick played his third round match at the US Open, I was going well past 36 hours of labor at that point without much action. Since the epidural was working it’s magic, I actually hoped I would see the end of play before things got really crazy, I mean what was another hour at this point?!?

Well, suffice it to say, I have no idea who won the tennis match but a few hours later, Dave and I had our own tiny little man. Cameron. I won’t go on and on about how fast time flies and how much I can’t believe it because we all know that it does… but on his third birthday I thought I’d paint a little picture of what my little man is doing these days in case he looks back and reads this one day… So Cameron, here’s to your first three years!

  • You’re OBSESSED with anything that has four wheels. It started with Lightning McQueen and has transitioned into matchbox cars, school buses, construction vehicles, taxi cabs and especially fire trucks! Anything that goes “weehoo, weehoo” is ok with you
  • You can accurately identify luxury sports cars across three lanes of traffic from your car seat in the back… it’s kind of impressive
  • You love to point out letters, shapes, colors and numbers… your brain is in constant motion!
  • You have a MAJOR sweet tooth, I can bribe you to clean the entire family room with a single chocolate cookie. Otter Pops and Ice Cream Cones are your favorite!
  • You love playing soccer, golf and basketball in the basement with daddy… and riding your scooter in the driveway
  • The playground is your happy place… that and the swimming pool!

In honor of your big day, I finally gave you your own Instagram hashtag #camismylittleman 🙂


Happy Birthday little man!

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  1. keri bryant says:

    Your little guys are YUMMY! after 3 girls I will tell you that BOYS LOVE THEIR MOMMAS THE MOST. love these personal blogs and seeing your love of family AND your clients!

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