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Married | Lauren & Randall
An Outdoor Wedding at Willow Ridge Country Club

Lauren and Randall both found themselves living in New York City as young twenty-somethings. In a city of a million strangers… a fateful game of intramural kickball brought these two together. After a big city courtship… these two tied the knot at Willow Ridge Country Club in Rye in a beautiful outdoor ceremony and a rocking reception, thank to their amazing band, FDR Drive. I had so much fun celebrating with you guys and I’m so honored that you let me be a part of your big day. Congratulations!!willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-1 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-2 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-3

Frank from House of Flowers did an amazing job with the floral design… I love these lush white roses for Lauren’s bouquet!willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-3 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-5

Obsessed with her lace gown with a dramatic back… willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-6 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-7 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-8 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-9 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image010 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-11 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-12 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-21The ceremony took place on the deck overlooking the golf course at Willow Ridge. This Scottish bagpipe player led the couple back down the aisle…willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-photo_0022 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-24willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-23
willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-25 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-26 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-27 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-28 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-29 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-30 Married!!willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-31 We made it out on the club grounds just in time for the sun setting over the driving range for a gorgeous set of portraits… I love these!willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-32 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-33 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-34 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-35 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-36 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-37 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-38Such a colorful bridal party!willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-13 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-14willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-61 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-62 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-17 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-18 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-63willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-20 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-39 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-40 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-41A first dance turned Michael Jackson montage… complete with a white glove… amazing!willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-42 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-43 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-44 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-45 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-46 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-47 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-48 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-50 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-51Lauren had pieces of her baby blanket sewed into the lining of her gown since her grandfather always joked that she would walk down the aisle with it after never letting it leave her side during childhood…willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-52 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-53 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-54 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-55 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-56 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-57 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-58 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-59 willow-ridge-country-club-rye-new-york-wedding-photography-image-60

Congrats you guys!!

Venue: Willow Ridge Country Club / Floral Design: Frank at House of Flowers / Gown: Morilee by Madeline Gardner / Band: FDR Drive / Hair & Makeup: Jaquie and Denise from Pure Salon / Invitations: The Paper Trousseau / Calligraphy : Kristen Henderson / Photo Booth: Garden State Photo / Photography: Jessica Haley Photography

comments +

  1. Lauren and Randall says:

    We love the pictures! You and Haley did a fabulous job! We cant wait to see the rest! Thank you!!
    xox Lauren and Randall

  2. Beth Jamison says:

    Beautiful photos! Jessica Haley nailed it!

  3. Charlotte T. Doria says:

    I write this after wiping my tears from looking at these fabulous pictures!!! I felt as if I was there again so beautiful………..

  4. Jeffrey Jamison says:

    Absolutely stunning photos! Lauren and Randall look so happy together! You captured this special night in a way I didn’t think was possible. Jessica, you are an amazing photographer and I highly recommend you.

  5. Trish Aspland says:

    Stunning wedding photos. A class act! I will have happy memories of Lauren’s and Randall’s Wedding Day forever. These beautiful pictures have created loving memories, especially for the happy couple!

  6. Freya Jones says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous photos.

  7. Tom Doria says:

    wonderful pictures to remember such a blessed day

  8. Tracy Eck says:

    I was unable to attend the wedding and after seeing such absolutely gorgeous photos that captured so much emotion, joy and love shared by this family, I am totally overwhelmed! I know that a lot of work went into that one evening and there is only a calm, serene feel to all the expressions in the photos of the bride and groom, family members and friends. The album truly highlights the personality of the couple and the talent of the photographer.

  9. Anne Barton says:

    Stunning photos. Looked like an amazing and very special wedding.

  10. Cristy Jamison says:

    Jessica, you and your team were a pleasure to work with and you made my sister’s day that much more special! Thank you!!

  11. Christine Barton says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love the black and white photos. Congratulations to the both of you. Many years of laughter and good health.
    Christine Barton

  12. Kathryn Kantarian says:

    Such stunning photos of an absolutely perfect day!!

  13. Randall says:

    Wow, those pictures turned out so amazing! So glad that you were there to capture the precious moments and made us all look so great. Your work is really the best I’ve seen.

  14. Lindsay says:


  15. Anthony says:

    beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding!

  16. Cristine Jamison says:

    As Lauren’s doting grandmother I was so thrilled to be at her wedding to Randy. The photographs are magnificent. I look forward to displaying a few of them!

  17. Denelle says:

    Great photos! Thanks for capturing my bestie’s special day!

  18. Kelly says:

    Great pictures of an amazing wedding!!

  19. Dana says:

    Love the pictures!

  20. Amy farrell says:

    So much love! The photos do such a great job capturing how much fun and happiness this day had. Beautiful!

  21. Mala Rugg says:

    Beautiful couple and amazing day. Pictures came out gorgeous!

  22. Karen Fea says:

    Gorgeous photos!! Beautifully captures such an amazing awedding!!

  23. Jaime Szefc says:

    What a beautiful job you did capturing such a special day.

  24. Jennifer Goncalves says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!! The pictures captured this beautiful day!! Love you both!!

  25. Danya says:

    Stunning work! Awesome wedding 🙂

  26. Leyla says:

    Gorgeous photos of a stunning wedding!

  27. Daniel Wong says:

    Awesome photos! They came out absolutely perfect!

  28. gillian says:

    beautiful pictures Jessica it was a pleasure working with you. Lauren and Randall hope you are enjoying married life 🙂 Gillian (Willow Ridge CC)

  29. Darci says:

    Great photos love that we got to share this special day with them and you captured it!

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