I grew up in Oregon & Arizona, and graduated from Notre Dame and followed my dreams of living in Manhattan straight from college to NYC! I left Wall Street for Wedding Photography and never looked back. I've photographed over 70 weddings since 2012 as well as bridal campaigns for Donna Morgan, Vera Wang and Zales. I've spent several seasons in the camera pit photographing the runways of New York Bridal Fashion Week and I own a bridal boutique in Rye, New York with my sister Haley!

Hello, I'm


the camera girl

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"It's red lipstick bold, classic to the core, romantic at heart, and effortless, button-down-shirt sexy."


I 'm a West Coast Girl living in New York,

A Notre Dame Grad, Mexican Food Lover, Broadway Fan girl & Sports fanatic

all meals should be like a feast of tapas - every flavor within reach

I believe in dresses that are cut dramatically low in the back, and still have Grace Kelly glamour.

I believe you can be a smart, competent, savvy leader regardless of your gender

I crave cold six-packs of Diet Coke - it's my morning coffee

I belive that travel needs to be a little scary

I believe in rockin' Louboutin stilettos if you have a pair of flip-flops handy in your matching purse

I take several bubble baths a week just to avoid having to wash and blow dry my hair

I believe in being the only kid at the grown-up table, with a fruity beverage in hand

I believe tradition keeps us grounded to something bigger than ourselves while enabling us to spread our wings into the world.

I am thrilled that a taco bell just opened in my town, the cheesy gordita crunch is irresistible!

I plan my entire weekly schedule based on when I'll have to wash and blow dry my hair.

I learned how to crack my knuckles in 6th grade and haven't managed to stop since.

 I secretly love filling out bubble answer-sheets and excel workbooks.

I can never have enough lip gloss... there are usually at least five different tubes in my purse at any given time.

I dvr Notre Dame Football games during fall wedding season and stay up until 2 am watching them when I get home.

 I savor endless dinner parties where everyone gossips at the table with their glass of Cabernet hours after the meal ends.

Photography Takes an Instant 

out of time, altering life by holding it still

- Dorothea Lange

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